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Tree Removal Services

Expert Tree Removal Services


Although removing a tree is not the most preferred solution to tree problems, it can sometimes be the only solution. When a tree reaches its genetic growth potential, it may become unsafe, with branches falling every now and then, and slowly die.

The only ideal way to deal with such a tree is to remove it before it does harm.

Our tree removal services here at Wild Oak Tree Service come second to none. We can guarantee that our team is more than capable of providing safe, efficient tree removal at almost any size or scope. Though we do recommend tree removal as a last solution for Austin residents (mostly due to safety concerns), we have always taken great care to invest the proper gear, tools, and training for any removal job. This guarantees you that we can remove the tree quickly and easily without causing any damage to your home.

Why Should You Let Professionals Handle Tree Removals?

There are many reasons why you should always opt for professionals when felling trees on your property:



Though hiring professionals can cost more in the short term than doing it yourself, making this wise decision saves you more over time. Not only do you avoid property damage, injury, or even death, we have the vision to properly remove living or dead trees to improve the overall look and feel of your property in ways that people outside of the industry cannot.


Specialized Equipment

Depending on how big your tree is also, its removal may need special equipment. Most homeowners do not own this equipment and trying to remove the tree without the necessary gear often increases the chances of damages or bodily harm. Our teams always ensure that the right procedures are followed and all the necessary precautions are taken to keep you and your property safe.


Tree Restoration

In some cases, trees that look as if they need to be removed can be saved through fertilization, trimming, and insecticide spraying. When you hire professional tree removal service providers, you will get to know whether your tree can be saved.


Curb Appeal

Dying or dead trees can negatively affect your property’s aesthetic appeal. Tree removals can help you restore both the aesthetic and curb appeal of your home for life.



Utilizing professional tree removal services can make your home safer. As the trees grow older, their branches usually become more susceptible to breaking. Heavy rains and strong winds, which are common in Austin, increase the chances of the breakages. Dying or dead trees usually dry out very quickly too. This often makes them a fire hazard. By investing in tree removals for the dead trees, you will be getting rid of these hazards, once and for all. Also, if the tree is growing too close to power lines, and pruning alone is not helping keep it from touching these lines, removing it may be your best option. If allowed to keep growing, the tree will be increasing the risks of electric shocks.



The direction that a tree falls is extremely important. When you hire professionals to remove your tree, they will use their equipment to make sure that the tree falls in the right direction. By ensuring that the tree does not fall on your house, our professionals will help you avoid repair costs worth thousands of dollars.

When Should You Remove a Tree?

Most Austin residents plant trees to improve their property’s aesthetic appeal. For this reason, tree removal services are often not considered ideal. However, when you notice the signs outlined below, tree removal may be your most ideal option:

  • Over 50% of the tree’s canopy is dying or dead

  • The tree has a hollowed, unstable trunk

  • Dieback disease is present on the tree’s tips and top branches

  • The tree is leaning more than it was a few months or years back

  • The tree was pruned improperly, making it undesirable

  • The tree is dying from a communicable disease and you would like to keep the disease from spreading to other trees

  • The entire tree is dying or is already dead

  • The tree is standing in your way of home improvement

  • The tree roots are affecting your house’s foundation

  • The tree has been damaged by a storm and the damage cannot be reversed

  • The tree has been infected with oak leaf caterpillars, pecan webworms, aphids, and other pests and it is impossible to save it

  • If the tree is growing too close to utility lines

For more information concerning our tree removal services, or to schedule your FREE on-site estimate with us, please call Wild Oak Tree Service at 512-966-3550.

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