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Professional Tree Service in Austin, TX

When it comes to the preservation and safety of your oak trees, it’s best to trust the professionals at Wild Oak Tree Service for expert care. Though it can be obvious, with an untrained eye, you may not notice when your trees experience defoliation and canopy loss. Perhaps you’ve recognized that your oak tree’s leaves are changing in color, and because of venial necrosis, they are now closer to yellow or brown. Whatever it may be, our tree experts are eager to help find unique solutions that can, in some cases, reverse or help prevent further damage in the future.


Our professional tree services in Austin, TX, come second to none. With over 25 years of experience providing high-standard arboriculture, it has been our priority to ensure your trees’ safety. Our team of certified arborists works with you to provide a comprehensive tree trimming or removal strategy that makes sense. From handling disease in your oak trees to providing quality root protection that keeps them safe long term, we handle it so that you don’t have to. The health and safety of your trees have been our priority for many years now. We take your concerns seriously and want to assure you that when you work with Wild Oak Tree Service in Austin, TX, you’re working with trusted, board-certified Arborists. Our professionally trained experts are equipped with extensive backgrounds in providing quality tree trimming and pruning services throughout the greater Austin area for decades.


We value your time and understand that your high expectations for our services are of the utmost importance. Conveniently browse our extensive selection of professional tree services in Austin, TX, by using our easy to navigate online system. Leave tree trimming and removal to the professionals at Wild Oak Tree Service. We have the skillset and experience to maintain and manage the safety of your trees for years to come.

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