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Oak Wilt Treatment in Austin, TX

How to Prevent Oak Wilt in Your Trees

Healthy Oaks can stand for hundreds of years, providing a full green or red canopy of shade that everyone can enjoy. However, when an oak is infected with fungal growth, it can die within a matter of weeks—leaves browning then rotting on the branch until they fall, en masse, leaving the entire tree bare and barren.

In Texas, this condition is commonly known as Oak Wilt. Our professional Oak Wilt treatment in Austin, TX, is unmatched.

What Is Oak Wilt?

Oak Wilt (Ceratocystis fagacearum) occurs when fungus travels through the vascular system of the tree. The spores carried most often by small beetles that feed on the tree’s sap. Once the tree recognizes the infection, it begins to wall off the affected cells, causing browning of the leaves and eventual death.

What Are The Symptoms of Oak Wilt?

There are a variety of symptoms for Oak Wilt, most of which can be seen by the naked eye. Defoliation and canopy loss are among the most common in a variety of oak trees, as are the changing colors of the leaves themselves.

In red oaks, flagging (when early spring greenery is already a bright autumn red) is an indicator. In other types of oaks, the veins of leaves will change to a pale green, yellow, or brown color in a process called venial necrosis.

Finally, the presence of fungal mats, on or around the tree, is a definite sign of Oak Wilt. If you are noticing any of these signs, you should call Wild Oak Tree Service right away.

How Can I Prevent Oak Wilt?

There are four major prevention techniques for Oak Wilt in Texas which have proven results in preserving trees:


New Infection Prevention

When it comes to Oak Wilt treatment in Austin, TX, infected trees should be cut down, burned, chipped or buried. Barring that, you can inject infected trees with herbicide to prevent any fungal mats from forming. Avoid all marring of trees, including pruning as well, and treat any cuts with paint immediately to stop the spread.


Stopping Root Spread

It is difficult to see the roots of oak trees under the ground without proper equipment. That is why it is always advisable to dig trenches, generally four feet down and 100ft around infected trees, using the proper equipment to discourage the spread. DIY is NOT recommended for this type of treatment.


Fungicide Treatment

Propiconazole is among one of the only proven, safe herbicides for the treatment of live oaks. This compound enters the tree via small holes drilled into the base and the application and injections are carefully administered and monitored by professionals. With our professional Oak Wilt treatment in Austin, TX, we make it our goal to provide lasting solutions.


Landscape Diversification

Planting diverse species of trees, native to your area, is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of disease. Never monoculture your trees if you can help it, and always consider wildlife when creating new habitats.

For more information concerning Oak Wilt, or to schedule your FREE on-site estimate with us to discuss prevention options, please call Wild Oak Tree Service at 512-966-3550.

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